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PKWA Law is one of Singapore’s leading family law firms.  We provide fixed, clear and affordable fees from just $500 for a Personal Will and $300 for a Lasting Power of Attorney (form 1).

If you do both your Personal Will and LPA together, our fees are just $590 (instead of the usual $800).

 Your Personal Will at $500 will include the following provisions:

  1.   Personal particulars of client;
  2.   Revocation clause;
  3.   Appointment of up to 2 executors & trustees.  They will ensure that your wishes are carried out.
  4.   Appointment of up to 2 guardians to take care of your minor children.
  5.   Defining rights and powers of executor & trustee;
  6.   Standard provision for leaving your assets to your beneficiaries.
  7.   Distribution of residuary estate.
  8.   Having a predecease clause, that is, what happens when one of your beneficiaries passes away.
  9.   Free translation for non-English speaking clients;
  10.   Witnessed by 1 lawyer and 1 staff.




PKWA Law has been providing will writing services for the last 3 decades.  Our team of experienced Wills Lawyers will assist you to make your will quickly and at affordable rates.

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Why You Should Make a Will – Singapore Wills Lawyer


1. It gives you control over the distribution of your assets

  • If you do not make a will, your assets will be distributed according to the intestacy regime
  • This is a set of statutory rules with pre-determined beneficiaries
  • The deceased thus has no control over who will receive their assets in an intestacy situation

2. You can make special provision for your children, dependents, and non-family members

  • Can leave instructions for other arrangements, e.g. appointing a guardian for your children or setting up a trust for them
  • Can also make bequests to non-family members, who would not be entitled to receive anything in an intestacy situation

3. To reflect the changes to your family life, if you are divorced

  • Divorce does not render a previous will (made during the lifetime of the marriage) invalid
  • If you have remarried, you would need to make a fresh will to provide for your new family, and/or to ensure any bequests to your former spouse accurately reflect your wishes

4. It’s less stressful for your family

  • Death is always hard on one’s family and loved ones – grief and bereavement are difficult enough to deal with, without the various administrative tasks that need to be seen to in the wake of death as well
  • Making a will reduces this burden on one’s family – e.g. they will not need to worry about whether there is a will and waste time looking for one

5. It minimizes disputes among family members

  • In making a will, the testator (i.e. the person making the will) gets to control in advance how their assets will be distributed – i.e. who receives what assets and how much
  • This minimises the risk of ugly disputes between family members over their entitlement to the assets

6. It makes administering the estate much quicker and cheaper

  • Where someone passes away without leaving a will, the deceased’s family members have to apply for a Grant of Letters of Administration before the assets can be distributed
  • This costs more than the probate process (where there is a will), takes longer, and can be more stressful for your family

7. It’s relatively inexpensive for something which provides so much peace of mind

  • Making a simple will is relatively quick and inexpensive , usually no more than a few hundred dollars
  • This small investment nonetheless affords you peace of mind – and the security of knowing you have provided for your loved ones is priceless
  • However, it should done by a lawyer, as there are various requirements which must be complied with to ensure the will is valid.

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At PKWA Law, our team of Family Lawyers are consistently named as leading Singapore Family Lawyers by respected independent legal publications such as Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, Global Law Experts and Doyle’s Guide to Singapore Family Lawyers.  Contact us today for a free 1st consultation about your family law issues.



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