At PKWA Law, we offer Uncontested Divorce Fee Packages that are simple, clear and affordable. 

uncontested divorce fees singapore.


Updated on 30 May 2020


The nature of an Uncontested Divorce is there is no contest because parties agree amicably to settle the divorce and ancillary issues themselves.  Accordingly, the fees for an Uncontested Divorce are significantly lower than that of a Contested Divorce.

You will save substantial legal fees and your divorce will be completed in about 4 months.  Most importantly, you and your spouse get a divorce without going through the bitterness of a contested divorce.

How much money do you save in an Uncontested Divorce?


Our Fees are Simple, Clear & Transparent

At PKWA Law, we offer Uncontested Divorce Fee Packages at $1,200 or $2,200 all in.  We absorb all disbursements and court filing fees.  See our Uncontested Divorce Fee Packages below:


divorce lawyer singapore fees for uncontested divorce .


PKWA Law’s Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fee Package is for couples who have already agreed on;

  • Who is the party filing for divorce.
  • The reason for divorce.
  • How are matrimonial assets to be divided.
  • Who will the children live with, and what access the other parent has.
  • Maintenance for wife and children .

We will advise you on all of the above so that your uncontested divorce is smooth.   If there is a HDB flat, we will advise you whether you can retain or sell it.


What You Get With Our Uncontested Divorce Fee Packages:

  • Clear, affordable and fixed fees.  Our fees are listed clearly on this page and you don’t pay anything more.
  • We handle everything – from instruction to conclusion of the divorce.
  • Peace of mind – Deal with experienced divorce lawyers at one of Singapore’s largest specialist family law firms.
  • Proper legal advice –  we will advise you whether your divorce terms are fair.
  • No need to go to court – you and your spouse are not required to attend court.
  • Quick Divorce – As long as you and your spouse co-operate, we will be able to get you the divorce (Interim Judgment plus all the settlement terms) within 3 to 4 weeks, with the Final Judgment to follow 3 months after that.



At PKWA Law, our team of Family Lawyers are consistently named as leading Singapore divorce lawyers by respected independent legal publications such as Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, Global Law Experts and Doyle’s Guide to Singapore Family Lawyers.

Getting a divorce does not have to be expensive. At PKWA Law, we provide offer low cost solutions for your divorce.




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