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– The Straits Times

PKWA Law ranked in the Straits Times “Singapore’s Best Law Firms 2021” award ranking.

Fixed Fee Annulment From $2,500

PKWA Law was recently recognized as one of “Singapore’s Best Law Firms” in 2021 in a survey conducted by the Straits Times.  PKWA Law is also consistently ranked by respected legal publications as a leading family law firm.  As one of the top family law firms in Singapore, we advise clients if they are entitled to an annulment.


What is an annulment?

An annulment is a legal procedure to dissolve a marriage and declare it null and void – in essence; the marriage is taken to have never existed. As a result, parties would return to ‘single’ status legally and are not considered to be divorced.


Our fixed fee uncontested annulment/nullity includes the following: –

  • Legal Advice on your legal rights and entitlement.
  • Drafting, generate and filing the full set of nullity documents.
  • Arranging for Commissioner for Oaths to witness the signing of the nullity papers.
  • Attendance at one (1) open court hearing with you.
  • Obtaining your Final Judgment.




Annulment and your HDB flat 



PKWA Law was recently named in a survey conducted by the Straits Times as one of “Singapore’s Best Law Firms’ in 2021. PKWA Law’s Family Lawyers are also consistently named as leading Singapore family lawyers by publications such as Benchmark Litigation, the Straits Times, Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, and Doyle’s Guide.

For over 30 years, PKWA Law is proud to live up to its motto of “30 Years Of Serving the Heartlands” by having transparent and affordable fees.

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