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Divorce Lawyer Fee Singapore – Uncontested Divorce Fee Packages from $1,500


Uncontested Divorce Singapore – Fixed Fee Packages


What you get with our Fixed Fee Packages:

  • Fixed Fees that are clear, simple and affordable.
  • We handle everything – from 1st meeting to conclusion of the divorce.
  • Peace of mind – You will deal with experienced family solicitors at one of Singapore’s leading and largest family law firms.
  • Quick – Once your spouse signs the paperwork, we will be able to get you the divorce (Interim Judgment plus all the settlement terms) within 3 to 4 weeks, with the Final Judgment to follow 3 months after that.


How does the uncontested divorce process work?


In Singapore, if you and your spouse both agree to a friendly and uncontested divorce, you can obtain a divorce within about 4 months. Your case will be heard under the Family Justice Courts’ Simplified Uncontested Divorce Process.   This is the quickest and most affordable of all divorce proceedings in Singapore.

If you qualify for an uncontested divorce, the divorce process is fairly simple and fast.  You will not be required to file any Parenting Plan or any Matrimonial Property Plan.  The process is meant to simplify, hence the name ‘Simplified Uncontested Hearing Track.”

To qualify for an uncontested divorce under the Simplified Uncontested process, you and your spouse must fulfil the following conditions:


  • Your spouse must agree to the divorce.
  • Both parties must sign a draft Interim Judgement agreeing on all ancillary matters.


The draft Interim Judgment has to be carefully drafted to ensure that there will be no further claims once the divorce is granted.   Further, if there is a HDB flat, we will advise you whether your sale or transfer of the HDB flat will meet with HDB’s rules and conditions.

Once we file your uncontested divorce papers under the Simplified Uncontested Hearing Track, we are normally able to get your Interim Judgment within 1 month and your Final Judgment 3 months after that. You and your spouse will not be required to attend court.

The process for an uncontested divorce is simple, fast and efficient.

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