Our Uncontested Divorce Fees are fixed, clear & transparent: .

  • $1,500 all in  (No Court Order Required for Children, Assets, Property, Maintenance)
  • $2,500 all in  (With Court Order for Children, Assets, Property, Maintenance)

*Our fees are subject to GST.

 .Our Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fee

Our Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fee Packages include everything done for you until you obtain Final Judgment. This includes: include everything done for you until you obtain Final Judgment. This includes:
  • all your divorce paperwork taken care of.
  • legal advice on how to structure the divorce settlement from one of Singapore’s top family law firms.
  • the signing of the divorce papers.
  • No limit to the number of phone calls or meetings with us – because your fee is fixed.
  • Efficiency, backing and support from a top law firm with more than 130 employees and 30 years of history.

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PKWA Family Law is headed by Lim Chong Boon, a veteran lawyer of 30 years’ experience.  His team of experienced specialist  family lawyers are consistently named as leading family lawyers in Singapore.


Established since 1988, PKWA Law is one of Singapore’s most well known and largest family law firms. We are consistently named as a leading family law firm by independent legal publications.  With more than 130 employees, and a client list that includes all the  major banks and government statutory board, you can be confident that you are hiring excellent lawyers – at prices that are fixed, clear and transparent. 

We are also ranked as one of the top SME companies in Singapore in the Singapore 1000 Awards.

Our Family Lawyers are consistently ranked as top divorce lawyers by independent leading publications such as Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review and Doyles Guide.

We have helped many of our clients achieved good results and move on from a difficult divorce. Many of our clients have given Reviews and Testimonials about how we have helped them.  You can read them here.




  • Clear and Transparent Fees –  Our fees for Uncontested Divorce are listed clearly on this page.  You don’t pay anything extra.  If your divorce is contested, we offer Fixed Fees.
  • Complete Service – A complete service, from commencement to Final Judgment.
  • Proper Advice – Advice from our divorce lawyer on how to structure the settlement agreement (especially with regard to children issues and property).
  • Peace of mind – This is a big life changing decision.  For peace of mind, get the backing and support of an established and reputable family law firm.  Each one of our divorce lawyer is a divorce law specialist.



client testimonials

“I had four previous lawyers, who either dismissed me, took easy options, or ignored the facts of my case.  In desperation to seek justice, and in my hour of need, I was recommended to PKWA. Dorothy Tan LISTENED to my case, and worked tirelessly over the holidays and weekends to meet impossible deadlines…. If Dorothy and her team decides to champion your cause, you should consider yourself very fortunate.” – CT, after winning his Court of Appeal case with PKWA Law.


“I was at a loss when the first lawyer firm that handled my divorce informed me on the court day itself that they gave up. I chanced upon PKWA LAW after I had dried my tears. Within 3 months, I got what that was deemed impossible!” – Ms N


“You listened and added the “human touch and heart.” – JW

“Your judgement and ability to steer the various proceedings were absolutely critical. I was able to give you my full trust. You have certainly made a lasting impact, one which I will not forget. Thank you.” – AJ


“Amidst the practicality of society, there are very few lawyers who are willing to fight for justice and extend a helping hand to others in the private sector. Especially lawyers like yourself.” – Madam G


“I will forever be grateful to you for the difference you have made in my life.” – Madam SP

 “Staff are very friendly and professional.” –  Jim Tan

“So thank you both for all that you had done; it was more than just a divorce. You helped my wife and I find resolution, peace, confidence, happiness, and even friendship.” – Mr S


“All of you show me that genuine great lawyers exist. Many more people out there who deserve justice ought to know you.” – Ms K .

“Low legal fee.” – Yun Liang

 “I am very satisfied with the service rendered. Good job, keep it  up! “ – Mr S




To qualify for an Uncontested Divorce, you and your spouse must agree on a divorce and all ancillary issues even before divorce proceedings are commenced. As a general guide, you and your spouse have to agree on:


a. The reason for the divorce – Is the divorce based on separation or on the other spouse’s unreasonable behaviour or adultery?


b. Custody, care and control of the children – who will have care and control of the children?   For the spouse who does not have care and control, what kind of access is granted?


c. Division of matrimonial property – You and your spouse should agree on whether to sell or transfer the property to one spouse.  Next, you need to agree on the how much each should get from the sale or transfer.   If your matrimonial property is a HDB flat, you need to satisfy HDB requirements for a sale or a transfer.


d. Division of other matrimonial assets – you and your spouse should also agree on what is to happen to other assets (apart from the matrimonial property).


e. Maintenance for wife and children – There also has to be a consensus reached on how much maintenance (if any) the husband is paying to the wife and children.

 . . .



All you need to do is to call us at 6854-5336 or email us for your free 1st consultation with our divorce lawyer.  Our team of specialist divorce lawyers will explain what you need for an Uncontested Divorce in Singapore.




If you and your spouse cannot agree on a divorce or cannot agree on children, property and maintenance issues,  you can still file for divorce. Your divorce is known as a Contested Divorce.   Most Contested Divorce cases take about 6 months to 12 months to conclude.  There is a lot of preparation as you and your spouse will be litigating the case in court.

In such a case, we offer Family Law Fixed Fees – which means that before you engage us, we will tell you how much we charge up to a cap. We will not charge you beyond the Fixed Fees.


. .


Custody of Children

Singapore Divorce Lawyer – Uncontested Divorce




At PKWA Law, our team of  Singapore Divorce Lawyer specialists are consistently named as leading Singapore divorce lawyers by respected independent legal publications such as Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, Global Law Experts and Doyle’s Guide to Singapore Family Lawyers.  Each and every one of our divorce lawyer is a divorce specialist who will advise you whether you qualify for an Uncontested Divorce Singapore.



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