How much does Divorce cost?

affordable divorce lawyer

Affordable divorce lawyer fees – How much does divorce cost in Singapore?

At PKWA Law, we offer Fixed Fee Uncontested Packages that are simple, clear and affordable.   With our Fixed Fee Packages, you get peace of mind as you will know exactly how much you are paying.

What You Get With Our Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fee Divorce Package:

  • Clear, transparent and fixed fees.
  • We handle everything – from instruction to conclusion of the divorce.
  • Peace of mind – Deal with experienced family solicitors at one of Singapore’s largest specialist family law firms.
  • Proper legal advice –  we will advise you whether your divorce terms are fair.
  • No need to go to court – you and your spouse are not required to attend court.
  • Quick – As long as you and your spouse co-operate, we will be able to get you the divorce (Interim Judgment plus all the settlement terms) within 3 to 4 weeks, with the Final Judgment to follow 3 months after that.

Here are some tips on how you can further save money for your divorce:

Consult a lawyer before acting

It is important to obtain legal advice early and to know your rights and obligations before committing to any settlement or agreement.   It costs more to vary or undo a court order.

Talk to your spouse

There are no absolute winners in divorce.  Communicate with your spouse in a constructive manner, and be willing to compromise.   When you are able to negotiate with your spouse, you will reduce the amount of time that a lawyer needs to spend on your case.

Communicate with your lawyer efficiently

When talking to your lawyer, be concise and to-the-point.   When your lawyer requests documents and/or information from you,  provide the information as soon as you can. If you do not readily provide it, your lawyer is then required to spend additional time, resulting in additional fees, chasing you for the requested documents and/or information.

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Uncontested Divorce Fixed Fees

Family Law Fixed Fees by PKWA Law


Getting a divorce does not have to be expensive. At PKWA Law, we pride ourselves in being able to offer low cost solutions for uncontested divorces.   We do not charge clients on an hourly basis for simple divorce matters.

Contact PKWA Law today for your free 1st consultation: Tel 6854-5336 or 6854-3065.

Lim Chong Boon and Dorothy Tan ranked again as Leading Divorce Lawyers 2017

Doyles Guide to Leading Family & Divorce Lawyers – Singapore, 2017  – Lim Chong Boon and Dorothy Tan

PKWA Law Practice SingaporePKWA Law Practice Singapore

We are pleased to announce that Mr Lim Chong Boon and Ms Dorothy Tan have once again been ranked by their peers as Leading Singapore Family and Divorce Lawyers 2017 by Doyles Guide.

The 2017 listing of leading Singapore Family & Divorce Lawyers details solicitors practising within the areas of family, divorce and matrimonial law matters in the Singapore legal market who have been identified by their peers for their expertise.

The Doyles Guide is an independent organisation that ranks lawyers and law firms based on recognition given by peers and Doyles research.   We are honoured that Mr Lim Chong Boon and Ms Dorothy Tan are again recognised by Doyles Guide and by their peers.

To contact Mr Lim Chong Boon and Ms Dorothy Tan, please click on their names.


PKWA Law is an established full service Singaporean law firm with 30 years of solid reputation and more than 100 employees. We are conveniently located at HBD Hub.

PKWA Law was recently ranked as one of Singapore’s top SME companies in 2016 in the “30th Singapore 1000 / SME 1000 Awards”. This is an annual award organised by DP Information Group and Ernst & Young and supported by IE Singapore, SPRING Singapore, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA), Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and the Singapore Business Federation.

PKWA Family Lawyers have been named by Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, Global Law Experts and Doyle’s Guide as leading family and divorce lawyers.

We have received awards and recognitions such as:

  • Doyles Guide of Leading Singapore Family Lawyers 2016 and 2017 – Mr Lim Chong Boon and Ms Dorothy Tan are ranked as Leading Family and Divorce Lawyers in Singapore. PKWA Law is also ranked as a recommended Leading Family Law Firm.
  • Deputy Head Ms Dorothy Tan is named as one of Asia’s top young lawyers by Asian Legal Business 2016.
  • Nominated as one of the Best Family Law firms by Asian Legal Business at ALB Southeast Asia Law Awards in 2016 and 2017.
  • PKWA’s divorce lawyers Ms Dorothy Tan and Mr Low Jin Liang listed among Singapore’s “Most Influential Lawyers Under 40” by Singapore Business Review 2016.
  • “Best Family Law Firm” by Acquisition International 2015 Legal Awards.
  • Global Law Experts 2015 Edition — Mr Lim Chong Boon is a recommended “Family and Civil” lawyer.
  • Doyles Guide For Singapore Family & Divorce Law 2015 — PKWA is a recommended divorce law firm in Singapore.
  • 2016 Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award: Family Law Firm of the Year in Singapore 201

Divorce Lawyer Singapore Fees – PKWA Singapore Divorce Lawyers

divorce lawyer fees

Family Law Fixed Fees – for your peace of mind.

Divorce Lawyer Singapore Fees – Family Law Fixed Fees by PKWA Law

PKWA Law provides affordable family law and divorce services to our clients from all walks of life.  We have helped many clients go through the divorce process with confidence and peace of mind that their legal fees are fixed, clear and transparent.

At PKWA Law, we offer Family Law Fixed Fees.  We want you to have the peace of mind that your divorce lawyer fees are fixed from the beginning – no extra or hidden charges.

Mr Lim Chong Boon, Head of Family Law at PKWA Law explains:

“Many people worry about seeing a lawyer because of the cost, so our scheme is designed to give clients peace of mind, clarity and transparency on costs from the outset.  With our Family Law Fixed Fees, clients know that that there are no “hidden extras” and that they will receive high quality legal advice for an agreed and reasonable cost.

Our family and divorce law clients not only get access to affordable legal representation where fees are fixed, they also get access to quality divorce lawyers who are consistently named as leading family and divorce lawyers by respected legal publications.  It’s a win-win for the clients.”

Why we came up with Family Law Fixed Fees

Fixed fees vs. hourly-based fees – a comparison

  • With fixed fees, you know the price in advance – with hourly based fees, you do not know what your total fee will be.
  • The traditional way to bill clients is on an hourly basis. With fixed fees, you agree on the divorce fees right from the beginning.
  • If your lawyer charges you by the hour, your lawyer charges for time spent on your file whether or not the matter moves forward.  With an hourly-based fee arrangement, the longer your divorce case takes, the higher the fee.
  • If you are on an hourly fee basis, you are in the dark about exactly how much your fees will cost. Lawyers can tell you their hourly rates, but they also cannot know the number of hours they will take to do the job.  Your lawyer is entitled to charge you for each phone call, each meeting or simply waiting in court for your case to be heard.  In short, if you are billed on an hourly basis, you never know the total price until the whole process is complete.  In many cases, clients run out of money half-way through the case.
  • Family Law lawyers usually charge by the hour. That is the ‘traditional’ way and has been for many years.  Lawyers do not like a fixed fee structure because they have no control if the case ‘over-runs’ or turns very complicated.  Lawyers have thus always preferred charging by the hour.
  • On the other hand, with our Family Law Fixed Fees, we agree the fees with you right from the outset. You won’t be charged for every minute we spend on the phone or every document that we read.  You are charged only the agreed fee.    You won’t get any nasty surprises in the mail at the end of each month telling you how many hours you have to pay for – because the price is already agreed.

Contact PKWA Law at tel 6854-5336 to learn more about our Family Law Fixed Fees.

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PKWA Law nominated for “Matrimonial and Family Law Firm of the Year” at SE Asia Law Awards for second consecutive year

April 2017

For a second consecutive year, PKWA Law has been recognised as one of Singapore’s Top Family Law Firms by leading independent legal publication Asian Legal Business at the 13th annual ALB SE Asia Law Awards. This is the second consecutive year that PKWA Family Lawyers have been shortlisted for “Matrimonial and Family Firm of the Year“.

PKWA earned a second accolade as Family Law Director Ms Dorothy Tan was also shortlisted for “Young Lawyer of the Year”.

The selection was done by an independent judging panel of approximately 30 senior and expert legal industry leaders on the following factors: professional accomplishments (in terms of the breadth, complexity, innovativeness and impact or significance), firm innovation and development, social contribution and professional or community awards or recognition accorded to them by an organization or publication, other than ALB.

The Asian Legal Business, owned by Thomson Reuters, is a monthly publication covering developments in the legal industry within Asia Pacific. It has more than 11,000 subscribers in the region.

The annual SE Asia Law Awards pay tribute to the outstanding performance of private practitioners and in-house teams that have significantly contributed to the evolving legal landscape of the region. This year, candidates were shortlisted after rigorous assessment by an independent panel of approximately 30 senior and expert legal industry leaders.

PKWA Law’s Dorothy Tan is nominated for “Young Lawyer of the Year’ by Asian Legal Business at SE Asia Law Awards 2017

16 April 2017

Dorothy Tan, Deputy Head of PKWA Law’s Family Law Department, has added another accolade to her already lengthy list of accomplishments.

Dorothy has been shortlisted by leading and independent legal publication Asian Legal Business for “Young Lawyer of the Year‘. Dorothy was selected by an independent judging panel of at least 30 senior and expert legal industry leaders.

Among her other accomplishments:

1. Dorothy was named as one of Asia’s top young lawyers in Asian Legal Business 2016 listing of “40 under 40 – Asia’s Brightest Young Legal Minds”. The list comprises of lawyers under the age of 40 who have been recognised for doing important deals, working on key disputes and other high quality work, and earning accolades from their colleagues and clients.

2. Dorothy is also ranked by her peers as a Leading Family and Divorce Lawyer in Doyles Guide of Leading Singapore Family and Divorce Lawyers in 2016.

3. Dorothy is also listed by respected magazine Singapore Business Review as one of “Singapore’s Most Influential Lawyers under 40 Years Old” in 2016. She was selected from a list of almost a hundred nominees based on thought leadership, influence, and success.

4. Dorothy is arguably the youngest lawyer to lead a team and to successfully argue at the highest court in Singapore, the Court of Appeal. The case of Twiss, Christopher James Hans v Twiss, Yvonne Prendergast [2015] SGCA 52 has become a landmark case and is often cited in numerous family law cases. The client’s testimonial for Dorothy’s hard work can be found at

5. She is the youngest person ever to be made a Director at PKWA LAW.

PKWA Law Family Lawyers Dorothy Tan and Low Jin Liang recognised as Singapore’s “Most Influential Lawyers aged 40 and Under”


PKWA Law Practice Singapore PKWA Law Practice Singapore

12 March 2017

Two of our family lawyers have been listed in Singapore Business Review’s (SBR) 2016 report on Singapore’s “Most Influential Lawyers aged 40 and Under.”  

They are Associate Directors  Law Dorothy Tan and Low Jin Liang.

Dorothy and Jin Liang were selected from a list of almost a hundred nominees based on thought leadership, influence, and success. They are the only family lawyers selected by SBR.

Singapore Business Review is a business magazine with a readership base of 83,000 readers that includes senior decision makers from the top companies in Singapore and the region. The magazine covers a wide array of topics and focuses on the Singaporean business landscape. The magazine covers conferences, roundtables and events held in Singapore that are related to the business environment in Singapore. The magazine has carried interviews with heads of state and CEOs of leading companies in Singapore and the world.

Maintenance and division of assets – PKWA Divorce Lawyers

10 March 2017

By Lim Chong Boon, Head of Family Law, PKWA LAW PRACTICE LLC

On 3rd March 2017, the Court of Appeal announced a series of decisions in TNL v TNK [2017] SGCA 15 that have substantial implications for divorce in Singapore.

Every family law litigant should be aware of the latest decisions. PKWA Family Law Head Mr Lim Chong Boon discusses what the latest Court of Appeal ruling means for you.

Divorce Singapore

1. The Court of Appeal has ruled that that any spouse that spends (without the other spouse’s approval) substantial sums during the period when divorce proceedings are imminent or before ancillaries are concluded must return that money to the asset pool for division. It would not matter if the spending was a gift or for the benefit of the children. What this means is that any spouse who spends substantial sums will now have to account and return the money for division.

2. The Court of Appeal has limited the ANJ and Chris Twiss approach. The ANJ approach will continue to apply to Dual Income Marriages. It will no longer apply to Single Income Marriages. This is because the ANJ approach tends to unduly favour the working spouse over the non-working spouse. This has huge implications for calculating division of assets.

3. Even when ANJ approach does apply (ie, to Dual Income Marriage cases), step 2 in that approach should not be further broken down into 2 sub-steps such that separate ratios are assigned to indirect financial contributions, on the one hand, and non-financial contributions, on the other.

4. The Court of Appeal confirmed that for long Single-Income Marriages, our courts will lean towards an equal division of the matrimonial assets. Therefore, for long marriages where only one party was working, division is very likely to be equal.

5. The Court of Appeal said different considerations will play when it is a short marriage but declined to go into specifics.

6. The Court of Appeal also repeated that the court’s power to order maintenance is supplementary to its power to order a division of matrimonial assets. So, in this case, where the CA awarded half of assets to the wife, she did not get a hefty maintenance (a multiplier of 3 years was applied instead).

7. The Court of Appeal also encouraged divorced couples to move on to face the future instead of re-fighting old battles. Therefore, spouses would now have to think very hard about appealing if the potential adjustment of the sums awarded works out to less than 10%. The courts will now award costs against the successful party if the adjustment is less than 10% as this does not justify the amount of time, effort and anxiety that went into mounting the appeal. They will also award costs if the arguments are nit-picking.

8. The courts’ philosophy of marriage is that it is an equal partnership. It recognises that a marriage is not a business where, generally, parties receive an economic reward commensurate with their economic input. It is a union in which the husband and wife work together for their common good and the good of their children. Each of them uses (or should use) his or her abilities and efforts for the welfare of the family and contributes whatever he or she is able to. The partners often have unequal abilities whether as parents or as income earners but, as between them, this disparity of roles and talent should not result in unequal rewards where the contributions are made consistently and over a long period of time.

9. The courts will use the ‘broad-brush approach’ in division of assets by highlighting that mutual respect must be accorded for spousal contributions, whether in the economic or homemaking spheres, as both roles are equally fundamental to the well-being of a marital partnership.

Keen to discuss more? Call PKWA LAW at 6854 5336 / 6397 6100 or visit our Family Law website at

PKWA Law is ranked as one of Singapore’s Top SME Companies

5 March 2017

PKWA Law has been ranked as one of Singapore’s top SME companies in the “30th Singapore 1000 / SME 1000 Awards”.

The prestigious Award is co-organised by DP Information Group and Ernst & Young and supported by government agencies such as IE Singapore, SPRING Singapore, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) and Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and the Singapore Business Federation.

According to the citation, “the honour signifies that PKWA Law Practice LLC has earned a place as one of the top 1 percent of Singapore’s leading corporations and SMEs – a distinctive symbol of achievement reserved only for the most influential businesses in the country.”

For 3 decades, the Singapore 1000 research team has been measuring the performance of locally incorporated companies and documenting their accomplishments. The Rankings is a year-long effort that involves stringent and intensive reviews of over 70,000 audited financials obtained from ACRA.

The partners of PKWA Law wish to thank all the hardworking and dedicated team at PKWA Law who work tirelessly to help our clients. This very prestigious Award is a tribute to all of our employees.

We also want to express our appreciation to all our clients for their loyal support. Many of them have been using our legal services for the past 30 years. This Award is not possible without our clients’ friendship and support.

PKWA Law is nominated as “Matrimonial Law Firm of the Year” at the Asian Legal Business (ALB) Southeast Asia Law Awards 2016

PKWA Law Practice Singapore

We are pleased to announce that PKWA Law has been shortlisted as one of the top Family Law firms by the prestigious legal publication Asian Legal Business (ALB).

There are a total of 36 awards to be presented at a gala dinner on 20 May 2016 at the Fullerton Hotel for the South East Asian legal circle. Invited guests include illustrious Judges, lawyers, law academics, in house counsel and law societies.

The nominees for the various awards include top local and international law firms such as Allen & Gledhill, Rajah and Tann, Baker & Mckenzie, Drew and Napier, Wong Partnership, Latham & Watkins and Linklaters.

PKWA Family Law Department is nominated for Matrimonial Law Firm of the Year.

The judging panel consists of approximately 40 reputable members from the legal academe, in-house teams, law firms, legal associations or business leagues, whose identities are kept confidential prior to the awards ceremony.

The finalists are selected based on submissions, interviews, market suggestions and other editorial resources to identify and rank the top firms across Asia. It also takes into account the complexity of work, impact and significance of the work done by our family lawyers in 2015.

Asian Legal Business is owned by Thomson Reuters.

Mr Lim Chong Boon, Head of the PKWA Family Law Department, said: “I want to thank everyone in the department for playing their part in this tremendous achievement. This nomination is a tribute to their hard work. ALB is one of the most prestigious and widely read legal publications. This is a distinguished and illustrious honour for our firm.”

LIM CHONG BOON and DOROTHY TAN successfully varies court order for maintenance

20 Oct 2015

Family Law Head Lim Chong Boon and Deputy Head Dorothy Tan were successful in persuading the Family Court to lower the maintenance to be paid by our client to his former wife and child.

Our client had engaged us to vary downwards a previous maintenance order. In response, the ex wife filed a counter application to vary upwards her maintenance.

We argued that there have been material changes in the circumstances of the case, namely that our client had since remarried and has children from his new marriage.

In a decision announced today, the Family Court District Judge agreed with our arguments and varied downwards our client’s obligation to pay maintenance. The ex wife’s application for an upwards variation was dismissed.

This was another hotly contested matter with the matter taking one year to conclude.

For more information on this case, please contact Mr Lim Chong Boon at

PKWA Law wins custody of child for husband and gets greater indirect contributions for husband

14 Oct 2015

In a divorce case, it is more common for the wife to get custodial rights (care and control) of the child.

In this case however, Family Law Deputy Head Dorothy Tan and Tan Chao Yuan succeeded in in getting for our client (the husband) care and control of the child.

This was a case where the parties were already divorced and were fighting over the custody of the child and the division of the matrimonial assets.

In a decision announced today, the Singapore Family Court accepted our arguments that it is in the best interests of the child that care and control should go to our client (the father), and not the mother.

The Family Court further accepted our arguments that our client had played a greater role in looking after the family and awarded him a greater indirect contribution towards the assets. The end result is that our client was awarded a greater proportion of the matrimonial assets and has care and control of the child.

Mr Lim Chong Boon, Head of Family Law said, ” Our client is extremely happy with the outcome. It is not so common for a husband to win care and control of a child. Therefore, it is to our lawyers’ credit that they were able to put together a case that persuaded the judge to award our client (the husband) the care and control of the child.”

For more information on this case, please contact Mr Lim Chong Boon at

Family Law Department Deputy Head Dorothy Tan wins important and landmark Court of Appeal case on division of matrimonial assets

Decision establishes and confirms new Singapore law on division of assets

Twiss, Christopher James Hans v Twiss, Yvonne Prendergast[2015] SGCA 52

[2015] SGCA 52

Court of Appeal — Civil Appeal No 22 of 2015
Chao Hick Tin JA, Judith Prakash J and Quentin Loh J 9 September 2015
Family law — Matrimonial assets — Division

02 Oct 2015

Asset Division – Family Law Department Deputy Head Dorothy Tan successfully argued and won a significant and landmark case at Singapore’s highest court, the Court of Appeal today. This is an extremely important decision because in this case, the Court of Appeal affirmed and explained its earlier revolutionary decision in ANJ v ANK on the approach the Singapore courts must take in deciding the division of matrimonial assets. All divorce cases in Singapore involving division of assets must now follow this case and ANJ vs ANK.

This is a case in which our client (the husband) had instructed us to act for him after he had lost at the lower court.

After hearing arguments, the Court of Appeal allowed our client’s appeal and agreed with Dorothy that the High Court decision was wrong and awarded our client a sum of $800,000 for division of assets. Our client’s share was increased from 0% to 25%.

The Court of Appeal said: “ In advancing her arguments, Miss (Dorothy) Tan highlighted the fact that the Judge had erred in law by applying what was generally known as the “uplift” methodology. This error consisted of taking the view that the wife’s indirect contributions should be reflected by applying an “uplift” to the share she would have been entitled to on the basis of her indirect financial contributions only. We accepted Miss Tan’s contentions on this score and we considered that the Judge had erred in that regard.”

This case is extremely important and significant because the Court of Appeal reaffirmed and clarified its recent decision in ANJ vs ANK that in determining what is a fair and equitable division of matrimonial assets, the court will follow a structured approach consisting of 3 broad steps. These 3 broad steps are:

  1. Express as a ratio the parties’ direct contributions relative to each other, having regard to the amount of financial contribution each party made towards the acquisition or improvement of the matrimonial assets;
  2. Express as a second ratio the parties’ indirect contributions relative to each other, having regard to both financial and non-financial contributions; and
  3. Derive the parties’ overall contributions relative to each other by taking an average of the two ratios above, keeping in mind that, depending on the circumstances of each case, the direct and indirect contributions may not be accorded equal weight and one of the two ratios may be accorded more significance than the other.

Family Law Head Mr Lim Chong Boon said, “ This case together with ANJ is now taken as the new law in Singapore on division of assets. After the decision in ANJ, family law practioners were trying to understand the change in law. The Court of Appeal took the opportunity in this case to explain the new law and to reaffirm it. At a recent family law seminar, this case and ANJ were cited as the new law governing the division of assets in Singapore. Deputy Head Dorothy Tan has done us all proud. Our client is also extremely happy with the outcome.”

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For more information on this case, please contact PKWA Law at 6397-6100.

Interview with a Lawyer: Lim Chong Boon

28 Sep 2015
– Yuk Lun Chan (Singapore Legal Advice)

Mr Lim Chong Boon is an experienced litigation lawyer with more than 25 years of experience in probate, family and divorce law. A prominent lawyer, he was appointed by the Chief Justice to the Inquiry Panel of the Law Society of Singapore, and was also previously a Council Member of the Law Society of Singapore.

He is one of the first lawyers that we welcomed onto As part of a series to let the public know more about community lawyers, we ask him a few questions to find out more about the practice of family law.

How did you get into family law?

I have always been interested in family law since law school days. No two cases are the same. Each case tells a story of love lost or love betrayed. As a divorce lawyer, I really feel that I am helping my clients on a professional and personal level. I always tell my staff: “Every client who walks through our door and engage us, we must be honoured. We must be honoured because they are trusting us with their pain and sharing their deepest personal problems. They trust us. Therefore, do your job with great pride and with great empathy.”

What inspires you to continue be a family lawyer?

I have done a great deal of commercial cases before, and the big difference is that in family law, you actually feel that you are doing something that helps society and your clients.

What was the most rewarding experience in your legal career?

Every case is rewarding. As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, it is rewarding when you see that you have made a difference in someone’s life. There was a case where the wife and her child were beaten up and abused. We got her the divorce, got her the flat and got a PPO [Personal Protection Order] to stop the husband from committing family violence. It is rewarding to see your client move on and know that their lives are going to be better.

There are so many divorce lawyers in the market. Why should somebody hire you?

There are many good divorce lawyers in Singapore. What makes me feel privileged is that I have a big set up and my team is dedicated, experienced and talented. We have 2 lawyers and one Legal Executive to every file.

Clients know that they have a team advising them, and that at any one time, they have access to us. It is easier when you have a great team behind you.

How do you make sure that your fees are affordable, since the market is so competitive?

We try very hard to have parties mediate and to resolve the case. We also tell our clients in advance what the anticipated legal fees are.

What is your focus when handling divorce cases?

Divorce law in Singapore is not so straight forward. Divorce clients do not want to spend too much time and they certainly don’t want to be involved in a long running court battle. Divorce litigation is very draining, both financially and emotionally. So our focus is to try to settle the cases wherever possible.

Do you have a life philosophy that guides your law practice?

Live and let live. Move on, always look at the big picture.

Outside of law, what activities do you engage in?

I do a fair bit of sports. It keeps me mentally sharp.

How has been the experience of running your own law firm?

It is rewarding and I have great partners and a great team. I always tell my friends and my clients that the staff I have are the best.

Our lawyer wins trial against divorce filed by husband

25 Sep 2015

Our team of lawyers led by Mr Tan Chao Yuan today successfully defended our client (the wife) against a divorce filed by her husband.

The husband filed for divorce on the ground that parties have been separated for 4 years. However, during the trial, we produced evidence that there had not been separation for 4 years.

Our client did not want a divorce and had wanted the marriage to work.

The Family Court accepted our arguments that our client (the wife) has successfully proven her case and dismissed the husband’s application for divorce.

For more information on this case, please contact Mr Lim Chong Boon at

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