Jessica Chow

Jessica Chow

Areas of Practice

  • Civil Litigation
  • Matrimonial Law
  • Probate

DID: +65 6397 6100

Jessica Chow is a graduate of Bristol University.

Jessica is a very popular lawyer with our clients because of her friendly, humble and down to earth nature.

Jessica has an outstanding record in successful negotiations for her family law clients, saving them precious time and money.  Her calm, non-judgmental and friendly manner makes her a highly sought after family lawyer.

Jessica’s personality is an asset when it comes to dealing with contentious divorce cases, as she often succeeds in persuading parties to see the big picture and to be amicable and cordial in a divorce.

Jessica specialises in contested and uncontested divorces and deals with a wide range of family and divorce issues such as:

a. children custody issues.

b. division of matrimonial assets.

c. maintenance for wife and children.

d. prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

e. Deed of Separation.


She also specialises in HDB and CPF issues in divorce cases.

Jessica is bilingual and speaks English and Chinese.




“So thank you both for all that you had done; it was more than just a divorce. You helped my wife and I find resolution, peace, confidence, happiness, and even friendship. These are things that money cannot buy and the future looks so much brighter.” – Mr S


“I am extremely grateful to you and your lawyers Jessica Chow for your help. Thank you for all your efforts to help my children and me get justice and the outcome we deserve. ” – Madam G



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