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Dorothy Tan

Associate Director

Deputy Head of PKWA Family Law and Probate

Areas of Practice

  • Matrimonial and Divorce Law
  • Wills and Probate

What our clients say:

I turned to Dorothy to assist me where all others had failed. I had four previous lawyers, who either dismissed me, took easy options, or ignored the facts of my case. In desperation to seek justice, and in my hour of need, I was recommended to PKWA. Dorothy Tan LISTENED to my case, and worked tirelessly over the holidays and weekends to meet impossible deadlines. A very upsetting and stressful time but I will be forever grateful as Dorothy believed in my case and sought a fair and just resolution against insurmountable odds. At every juncture, Dorothy provided realistic, honest assessments and I proceeded based on her recommendations. If Dorothy and her team decides to champion your cause, you should consider yourself very fortunate. – Christopher Twiss

Note by PKWA: Dorothy Tan successfully represented Mr Twiss in the landmark Court of Appeal case of Twiss, Christopher James Hans v Twiss, Yvonne Prendergast [2015] SGCA 52.

DID +65 6854 3475

Dorothy Tan is one of the most highly regarded female divorce lawyers in Singapore, and has received numerous accolades and recognition for her achievements.

Recently, Dorothy won a landmark case at the Singapore Court of Appeal, after the client had turned to her for help when he lost at the High Court. The Court of Appeal case that Dorothy won is now cited and followed by the Singapore Courts in decisions involving division of matrimonial assets.  Her client wrote a glowing testimonial of Dorothy’s skills, dedication and hard work, which can be found here. 


Dorothy’s achievements in getting positive results for her clients in complex family and divorce cases has been recognised by her peers and legal publications.   She is in high demand among both men and women clients for her skills and dedication to her clients’ cause.  Among her many accomplishments:

  • Dorothy was nominated for “Young Lawyer of the Year” by Asian Legal Business at the SE Asia Law Awards 2017.  She was selected by an independent judging panel of 30 legal experts.
  • Dorothy is arguably the youngest lawyer to lead a team and to successfully argue at the highest court in Singapore, the Court of Appeal.  The case of Twiss, Christopher James Hans v Twiss, Yvonne Prendergast [2015] SGCA 52 has become a landmark case and is often cited in numerous family law cases. The client’s testimonial for Dorothy is here.


Some of the cases she has handled include being selected by a client (the husband) to be the lead counsel in a complex and difficult case involving the division of multi-million dollar assets. The case was heard before a court of 3 Appellate Judges at Singapore’s highest court, the Court of Appeal.

Dorothy won the appeal and that decision has become one of the most important cases in Singapore divorce law because the Court of Appeal reaffirmed and established the new Singapore law on division of matrimonial assets:  Twiss, Christopher James Hans v Twiss, Yvonne Prendergast [2015] SGCA 52. 

Dorothy’s Court of Appeal case is now a landmark case in Singapore on division of matrimonial assets and has been subsequently cited and followed by the Singapore Courts in such cases as Zhou Lijie v Wang Chengxiang [2015] SGHC 316; TIG v TIH [2015] SGHCF 12; TME v TMF [2016] SGHCF 6THL v THM [2015] SGHCF 11 ; TNL v TNK [2017] SGCA 15 and UBD v UBE [2017] SGHCF 14.

Recently, Dorothy successfully represented the mother in a bitter custody battle over her 2 children. The High Court awarded our client care and control and ordered the father to hand over the children within 7 days or face contempt action. The case took 3 years and involved over 2,000 pages of court documents.

In another case, Dorothy successfully represented the father and won for him care and control of the children. She also got for him a greater share of the matrimonial assets.

Passionate about Family Law

Dorothy is well liked and respected by her peers. She has always held leadership positions, including being elected as Law Club President at the Law Faculty, National University of Singapore. She is currently the Deputy Head of our Family Law Department.

Since being called to the Bar, Dorothy has quickly developed a reputation as a tireless and passionate female divorce lawyer. She has extensive experience in all aspects of family and divorce law. She has acted as lead counsel for clients in all areas of matrimonial law such as contentious divorces, division of matrimonial assets, disputes over child custody, maintenance for wives and children, and family violence.

Dorothy has been interviewed by the press for her views on family law issues. She continues to receive exceptional client feedback. Dorothy has proven to be a passionate, confident and articulate individual who works tirelessly to advance her clients’ interests.

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